🌇 Usernames.club 🌇

🌇 Usernames.club 🌇

This project has been sunset. Check out Paymagic.xyz for our other projects. 🌇

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Create a Community Namespace aka “Username NFTs” for your project/DAO/community to use across any app, wallet, or chain in Web3.

Just like .eth .lens .sol .punk .ape .aave .safe .uni .sushi .⌐◨-◨…

It’s simple to setup, no coding required, ENS compatible via CCIP Read via usr.id, can be deployed to any EVM chain, and all fees go to support your specific community, not ENS.

The Usernames.club is owned and governed by a Nounish DAO on Ethereum. To get started your community must win a Pass at auction.

Pass Holders

Get Started


How do I get started?

The first step is to win a Usernames.club Pass at auction. There are two chances each week.

What is a Usernames.club Pass?

Usernames.club Passes are auctioned off twice a week via a Nounish auction. The owner of the Pass can claim a community namespace(.zkevm .linea .twitter etc), define the username fees for that community, deploy the Username NFT contract on any chain, and start allowing username registrations.

Usernames.club Pass holders will also govern the Usernames.club itself.

How do I earn money for my community with usernames?

The Usernames.club Pass owner reserves a community namespace and defines the business model for selling the usernames. Usernames can be free to claim, fixed fee, or a subscription fee like ENS. We recommend a subscription fee but it is your choice.

All fees go to the project or can be split amongst multiple sources like grants, core devs, public goods funding, or anything under the sun. We recommend a contribution back to Usernames.club but that is opt-in.

Community namespaces can also be setup on top of existing NFT project. For example, `6529.punk` will resolve to the owner of that punk

How are Username NFTs different from ENS?

The Username NFTs are built on top of ENS and each username works out of the box wherever ENS is supported, using the usr.id domain via CCIP Read.


However, with usernames, all fees go directly to the community to generate revenue rather than the ENS DAO. Username NFTs can also be deployed onto any chain or rollup making them a good fit for L2 rollups.

Username NFTs serve as a source of identity within apps and across Web3, can be used to token gate content and experiences, are tradable just like ENS addresses, and useful to send tokens to the correct recipient. ❤️

How do I use UsernameNFTs via ENS?

Let’s say you have a .example username…

Get a wallet address from a .example name:

  • You can type *.example.usr.id or .example.ura.eth into any ENS-enabled app and get the wallet address back.
  • For projects in the .example ecosystem, they can hide the ".usr.id" portion to allow users to have an even shorter name to type.
  • Dapps can also call resolveName() directly on the .example UsernameNFT smart contract if they don't want to go through ENS.
  • Lastly, Dapps can integrate with Everyname.xyz which is an API for all crypto name resolutions.

Get a .example name for a wallet address:

  • Call resolveAddress() directly on the .example UsernameNFT smart contract to pull in the primary username for display within applications.
Are my usernames able to be deployed on Polygon or other EVM chains?
  • Yes, Username NFTs can be deployed onto any EVM chain.
Who’s the team behind Usernames.club?
  • All will be revealed in time, you curious soul.

Inspired by ENS. Bootstrapped via Nouns Builder. Built on Ethereum.

Mesh gradient by LS Graphics.