The identity ecosystem…network effects of these different services combine to create an ecosystem that provides some very powerful options for users and applications…Such platforms could create rooms that are gated to members of a particular community - or hybrid approaches where only community members can speak but anyone can listen. - Vitalik

Ownable usernames for your Web3 community. That’s the meme.

Crypto name services (.eth / .lens / .sol / .apt / .btc) have become extremely popular because they are a human-readable version of address hashes, serve as usernames and identity across apps, support the meme/tribalism/flexing of the space, are tradable, and can create cash-flow for projects.

Names have become more than a lookup record or website domain in crypto. They’ve become our identity within communities…they’ve become the new username. lets any group create a Community Namespace to use across any app or any chain in Web3…like .nouns .gitcoin .shefi or .safe… It’s simple to setup, ENS compatible, and all username fees go to support the specific community. is owned and governed by a Noun-ish DAO on Ethereum.


ENS is mainly used for wallet address identification but tries to be an identity service and web domain resolver as well, so it doesn’t excel at either. Additionally, the project has become controlled by the whims of plutocratic DAO. It struggles with cross-chain resolution and data availability. Most importantly, ENS names have become much more than lookup records in crypto…they are a core part of the culture, meme and digital ownership of communities. The proceeds of that digital ownership should flow back to the communities themselves rather than a centralized service that has no real incentive to support their growth.

Solution Pass Pass

The is a Noun-ish DAO where Passes are auctioned off twice a week. With a Pass, the owner can claim a community namespace for usernames (.nouns, .shefi, .gitcoin, etc), define the username fee (free, fixed price, or subscription), and launch the usernames to their community…all without writing any code!

Each community gets a dedicated web app to register and manage usernames and will be incorporated into the API for wallet and dapp integrations. All usernames are ERC-721 NFTs that can be staked, swapped, token-gated, and used anywhere in Web3!

End Users

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Projects - Want to grow their meme, have fun with their community, and earn revenue as the membership increases

👩 Project Members - Want to signal their community alliance and identify themselves onchain, either anonymously or not

💱 Traders - Gonna trade, potentially paying royalties

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